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Chevron Trade Beads

Chevron trade beads are also called Rosetta beads and they are among the oldest and the most expensive trade beads.

History of Chevron trade beads

Chevron beads have been made in Italy since around 1496. The 7-layer Chevron trade beads date back to between 1480 and 1580. After the 7-layer beads, 5-layers beads were made. These are roughly contemporary and they are very hard to find. The early 1600s saw the introduction of the 4-layer and the 6-layer Chevron trade beads whose outer layer was either green or black. African traders valued the 6-layer and the 7-layer Chevron trade beads more than the others.

The value of Chevron trade beads advances about 10% each year. The market value is dictated by the age, the condition, and the symmetry. It is hard to determine the age, so the condition of the bead and whether the bevel is rounded or faceted is used to make the determination. The older the beads, the more they will fetch.

Chevron trade beads were made for trade by Europeans in Africa. They were exchanged for different services, palm oil, ivory, other goods, and even slaves. Africans placed a lot of value on them and they were used for decoration, as a measure of value, as currency, and for various other uses.

Why Buy Chevron Beads?

Chevron trade beads are in very high demand today. This is from people who appreciate the history behind them and collectors since they increase in value by about ten percent each year. Chevron trade beads come in different colors and shapes, but they are similar in their size, their style, and the technique of decoration.

Another reason people buy Chevron trade beads is to accessorize their clothes. Chevron trade beads go well with most clothes and you can wear them in informal settings or in formal gatherings. Buying Chevron trade beads is cheaper than buying other jewels such as diamonds and gold, and you still maintain your style.

People buy Chevron trade beads because they make great gifts in weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions. It is important that you research on the recipient’s preference because what works for you may not work for her. This is particularly important if you buy them online where the return policy cannot be trusted.

Where can I buy Chevron beads?

Since Chevron trade beads are so rare, there are only a few places where you can get them online or offline. You should be careful because there are many unscrupulous people who are taking advantage of the situation and selling Chevron trade beads that are not genuine and others getting involved in identity theft and other cyber crimes.

The internet is a good source of Chevron trade beads. It is advantageous because it is cheap because companies reduce prices to attract clients, you can choose from hundreds of websites, it is convenient since you can make a purchase anytime, anywhere, and your anonymity will be guaranteed if you are buying the beads as a gift. However, you should differentiate credible and reliable sites from those that are not. You should stick to well established online markets and stores such as eBay and because they have a reputation to uphold. You should not use this option if you want the beads immediately because of shipping delays. Read reviews and look at customer testimonials when picking an online source.

You can buy Chevron trade beads from a collector. This can be online or offline. With this option, you will be guaranteed that what you are buying is genuine. However, this is not the best option because collectors are out to make a profit and if you do not accept their terms, they can afford to wait for other clients.

You should consider recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have Chevron trade beads if you want to make a purchase. This option is advantageous because you will know what you are buying and you will get first-hand insight about the purchase on such things as the price and whether you can bargain.

With brick and mortar stores, you will get the beads immediately and you get to see what you are buying, but you will pay more and you might fail to get what you are looking for near where you live.