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A Guide to Wholesale Trade Beads

Beads have formed part of the world’s cultures for thousands of centuries. They are used to adorn jewelry, clothes and other artifacts. Any individual that is involved in the production of these items wants to make sure that they find a supplier that will offer high quality beadwork and at affordable prices. This is why finding a supplier that will offer wholesale trade beads is any trader’s biggest dream. This information is meant to help you towards making this dream a reality.

How to find Wholesale Trade Bead Suppliers

Of course to find some of the best bead supplies, it will require that one puts some effort into it. You will need to conduct a search and come up with a few viable options. People have misused the term wholesale beads for such a long time that it no longer holds the meaning that it used to. Most sites will use this term to attract clientele when actually the beads that they are selling are by no means wholesale. That being said, this article is meant to help you to identify credible whole sale beads suppliers.

Types of Wholesale Bead Suppliers

Generally, wholesale suppliers can be classified under four broad approaches.

Traditional wholesale

Here, the supplier is only allowed to sell the beads that they manufacture to licensed resellers. This is sometimes referred to as “true wholesale”.

Pricing groups

In this form of wholesaling, the supplier maintains different price lists for different customers that they have i.e. for the different retailers and business customers that the suppliers has, he/she is allowed to sell their beads at different prices to these customers.

Large order discounters

Here, the supplier of beads will offer a percentage discount to the buyer depending on the size of the order. Generally, the higher the subtotal of the purchase, the greater the discount that one receives.

Quantity discounters

Here the bead supplier will offer his retails and business customers lower prices on the beads that they purchase should they purchase a lot of a particular item.

Wholesale Bead Suppliers exist online

Therefore, when looking for a wholesale trade beads suppliers, consider finding one that falls under one of the above mentioned categories. It would also be a good idea to find a supplier that allows you to place your order online; in this way you do not have to worry about the logistics of having to physically go to the store. With a little bit of search you will find that there are a certain number of large suppliers that offer almost every type of bead that is available under the sun.