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Venetian Millefiori “Thousand Flower” Trade Beads

My favorite trade beads are Millefiori trade beads from Africa. Millefiori is a word which literally means "thousand flowers". Millefiori beads are handcrafted beads that have flower designs layered into them. Because they are handmade, each bead is unique. There are no two beads alike.

These beads can run you anywhere from $8 - $60 a piece. They are cherished for their history and age. To many, they are known as "African Trade Beads." Most Millefiori trade beads have traveled multiple contents, including Europe, Africa, and the United States. You can also purchase them by the strand, in which case they run between $80 and $500.

As you can see in the photo above, they are colorful and crafted with such great detail. Each bead is a work of art that should be cherished to the fullest. Millefiori trade beads make great centerpieces for necklaces and jewelry. True, they are quite an investment, but I guarantee, it is well worth it. You can have a lot of fun with these great beads!