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Yellow Jacket Chevron Trade Beads are Hard to Come By

Chevron trade beads are often the most desirable beads for trade bead collectors. The reason why: the precision and detailed required to make these beautiful handmade, layered glass trade beads. There are all kinds of Chevron beads. These classic trade beads are also known as "Star" and "Rosetta" beads. Originally made in Venice in the late 15th Century, they are still handmade in limited production today.

One of the most beautiful types of Chevron beads are the Yellow Jacket Chevron beads. As you can see above, these trade beads are black with yellow stripes, very much like yellow jacket bees. Most of these Yellow Jacket Chevron traveled in the African trade, hence their classification under African trade beads.

Yellow jacket chevron beads are very difficult to come by, and can run anywhere from $12 per bead, to $600 per strand. These are the ultimate treat for any bead collector!