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17Jan/102 – The Newest Blog on Trade Beads

Hello, and welcome to, the newest blog on trade beads. I've started this blog because of my deep passion and interest in trade beads. I've collected trade beads for many decades, and have finally decided to share my knowledge and experience with the world on this blog.

I will be writing about African trade beads, Venetian trade beads, Chevron trade beads, Millefiori trade beads, and much more. Please check back regularly, and leave comments :-).

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  1. I have collected trade beads since the early 70’s. I am now selling them as Bracelets. It is hard to convince people of the significance of trade beads in our past. I sold 9 bracelets to Paul Simon last year. He stumbled upon the shop I use to market them,. It was fun to know they were worth his interest

  2. What a great blog. I have become very intrigued by African Trade Beads and Chevrons. The information you have provided here is wonderful. I look forward to reading more!

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